Mushroom festival in Sant Iscle de Vallalta

Sunday 31 October 2021

Mushroom festival in Sant Iscle de Vallalta

Sant Iscle de Vallalta

Sant Iscle de Vallalta
Tel. 93 764 61 28 ext. 2

Saturday October 29
Starting at 3:30 pm, in the sports area
3rd FAMILY RAID Tocats dels Bolets
Various group sporting events and recreational activities related to nature: zip line, building bird feeders, save a mushroom hunter, relay races, etc.
Registration at the Village Hall until Friday October 21.
Registration price per person: 6 €
With prior registration and authorization you may camp in the sports area until 9 am on Sunday.
At 8:30 pm in Plaça de les Basses
Mushroom hunters' dinner  
Ticket price: 12 €
Registration at the Village Hall until October 24.
After dinner there will be a fire show with the Diables de Tordera.
Sunday October 30
At 7:15 am in the parking lot of the pavilion.
Outing in the forest. Getting to know nature, guided by the information person of the Punt del Parc.
Open to everyone. No prior registration is required. Approximate duration 1 1/2 hours.
With various specimens we've found, together we will create the mycological exhibition.
Starting at 8:30 am in Parc dels Vegetals and the village restaurants
Mushroom hunters' breakfast
From 9 am
Wild mushroom and handicraft products  fair (Parc dels Vegetals)
10th Photographic rally tocats pel bolet (Plaça 11 de Setembre)
Activity of the Viu el Parc festival, which seeks to promote the natural, cultural and historical values of the Parc del Montnegre i el Corredor.
2nd Montnegre raid (different places in the town)
Exhibition Trial 4x4 Radio Control, by TTVALLALTA
From 10 am
Blood donor campaign (C\ Josep M. Collet)
Spectacular zip line (Parc dels Vegetals) 2 €/ descent (Free for participants in the 3rd Raid).
Mycological exposition (Plaça Major)
From 11 am
Mushroom inflatable and autumn workshop (Parking Rector)
Wild mushroom tasting by various restaurants and entities. (Parc dels Vegetals)
Performance by Txaranga This-Tracció  (village streets)
The Txaranga of the moment! Young, dynamic, versatile and eager to take on the world. Their repertoire includes versions of the latest hits by a brass band at a frenetic pace! If you've never seen them, don't miss the opportunity.
At 12 noon
Batucada with the Batukaires de Sant Iscle
At 12:45 pm in Parc dels Vegetals
Awarding of prizes for the decoration competition
Don't miss the different mushroom hunters' creations found throughout the village.
At 1 pm
Family show (Parc dels Vegetals)