El Masnou Beach

El Masnou Beach


The dog area goes from Can Teixidor to Montgat, has a length of 400 meters, and a total area of ​​between 1,600 and 5,000 m2, depending on the season

Rules of use and civic use and responsible for space:

  • It is mandatory to be in possession of the civic possession and responsibility card for pet animals so that the dog can be untied.
  • Keep the space clean and use it civically.
  • Pick up stool in closed bags to avoid bad smells.
  • Wipe the urines by diluting them with water.
  • Watch over your dog at all times and avoid dog fighting.
  • It is not permited to wash dogs with soap in public showers.

For security reasons:

  • Dogs of breeds considered to be potentially dangerous must be tied and with the muzzle placed (article 2, Law 10/1999).
  • The maximum capacity is 35 dogs. Do not access if the maximum capacity is exceeded.
  • You can limit access to the area for security reasons.