Alella, 1000 years of history

Alella, 1000 years of history


Alella tourist office
Riera Fosca, 2
08328 Alella
Tel. 93 555 46 50

Alella is a town full of history. Its origins go back to the late Neolitic, but we have to wait until the 10th century for written accounts of  its history and evolution to appear for the first time.
The purpose of this itinerary is to discover the patrimonial legacy of the town with a stroll through its streets.

Duration: 2h.
Difficulty: Low (walk)
Itinerary: Patrimonial and urban
Highlights: Can Lleonart, Plaça de l’Ajuntament, església, Les Quatre Torres, Alella Vinícola, El Rost, cal Marquès, Escoles Fabra, ...