Water Mine of el Masnou

Water Mine of el Masnou

El Masnou

Plaça d'Ocata
08320 El Masnou
Tel. 93 557 18 30

Science museum
The stretch of mines that can currently be visited was adapted in 1999 through the collaboration of the Association of Friends of Mina Malet, the Mina Cresta homeowners association and the support of the City of El Masnou.
The first intervention, to facilitate access and ensure safety, consisted in strengthening some of the side walls of the brick mine, giving more height to the galleries and constructing a new access stairway. The usable area of visitable internal space is 43.50 m2.
The visit explains a complex system of galleries that served to supply water to the local municipality. Excavations began in El Masnou (former municipal areas of Alella and Teià) during the eighteenth century to capture and collect water seeping underground and channel it to deposits and washing places. This water supply system responded effectively to the continuing lack of water resources in the territory. The result was a network of 28 galleries for that run for 27 km under El Masnou.

Admission: free

Free visits: second Sunday of the month

Guided visits: currently the water mine can only be visited by prior arrangement. Visits are offered on the second Sunday of every month at 11 am. Sign up in advance at the El Masnou Municipal Nautical Museum. Free visit.

Languages: for guided tours for groups in different languages inquire at the El Masnou Municipal Nautical Museum.

Opening hours: second Sunday of the month at 11 am, by prior reservation.