Sports Holiday Destination

Sports Holiday Destination

Being able to practice sports while on vacation is increasingly becoming a definitive reason for some people when deciding on their tourist destination; not only for professional athletes, but for all sports lovers.

El Maresme has optimal conditions for the practice of sports due to its appropriate installations and an excellent year-round climate.

One of the region’s goals, for quite some time now, is to further optimize available resources for this practice and increase its potential as a sports tourism destination. Therefore, in the last years, El Maresme has devoted efforts, and continues to do so, to adapt its territory to these needs and there are now various sports disciplines that can be practiced in different places throughout the region: MTB, Bicycling, Golf, Pitch & Putt, Equestrian Sports, Swimming, Football, Running, Aquatic Activities...


The best guarantee for being recognized as a destination that is prepared to offer suitable spaces for the practice of sports is to receive the certification of Sports Tourism Destination. Two of...