We offer team building experiencies-corporate volunteering and corporate entertainment with social and environmental positive impact, aligned with CSR. Maritime activities + beach cleaning or sporting / sustainable activities on the beach, visit a farm with sea views to learn about agroecology through games and, straight from the farm, cook a calçotada or paella, visit a farmhouse with sea views to learn about the bees and make a parallel between bees organization and our company organization, guided hike through an agricultural and forest area in Mataró, during which we will play games to learn about agroecology and we will end the hike visiting an eco farm where eggs are produced.

Corporate entertainment that we can offer in your venues:

(1) Sustainability stations: reflection on climate change, responsible consumption, ethical banking, and waste management.
(2) Reflection on the ideal ODS for before meals or for networking in cocktails.
(3) If you are Catalonia resident, enforce responsible consumption: energy, gas, banking, insurance, and mobile.
(4) Game about similarities between sea and land wildlife, ideal for before-meal.
(5) Fair Trade Breakfast.
(6) Intercultural music and dance shows.
(7) Team Building with drums and Castellers (traditional human towers from Catalonia).

Groups: min-max 10-150 pax. Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English and French. Other languages with translator.
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